Salsa Rica Mayonesa


Seafood Mousse

6 sticks of surimi
1 can tuna in oil (115gr. approx.)
2 boiled eggs
100 gr. peeled and cooked shrimp
100 gr. cooked peeled prawns
Mayonnaise Salsa Rica

First peel the boiled eggs and reserve one. Take off yolk and keep aside.
Then finely chop sticks surimi, boiled eggs (except for one of the egg yolks), shrimps and prawns, mixing all in one container.
Mix well, add the tuna and salt to taste and mix again we use the blender.

Add mayonnaise Salsa Rica trying to make it a more or less uniform mixture.

Meter to the refrigerator and chill for at least half an hour.

Serving suggestions:

Serve in a bowl (or in several deals from the table) on a plate decorated with toasted bread rusks.
Crumble the egg yolk we had booked and sprinkle on the mousse.
Seafood Mousse