Salsa Rica Mayonesa

Our mayonnaise
Our mayonnaise
Mayonnaise available formats
Packaging for the hospitality industry
10.000 ml
5.000 ml
3.600 ml
Crystal jar
450 ml
225 ml

Mayonnaise and light mayonnaise

Salsa Rica’s mayonnaise and light mayonnaise are made following traditional recipes, which help to provide a soft and harmonious flavour, and an ideal texture that makes a perfect complement for any meal.

The ingredients used for making both sauces have been selected because of their quality – we require the same rigour and quality controls of the providers’ product elaboration as Salsa Rica applies in the emulsion and packaging processes.

Salsa Rica’s products are offered in a wide range of packaging formats addressed to the hospitality industry and the end consumer, preserving the best traditional flavour in each of them.